This school year I decided to challenge myself in becoming a homeschool parent. I've had so many fears and doubt throughout these months since starting. I often question myself; have I failed her? Am I doing enough for her? Can I keep continuing this? Will she grow up resenting us based on our decisions? But I need to remind myself to give some grace. It's a challenge for sure. But again, I remind myself that I haven't failed her. I'm giving her the opportunity to grow into the person she needs to be. The long days of restriction and confinement that silenced her verbally and physically are long gone. She can now explore her talent. We are spending more time now than we did in her last three short years. I'm enjoying her ever-growing personality. She challenges me to get out and just do things that we have never done before. 

My job for her is to love her, support her and allow her to be whoever she wants to be. To never disqualify her decisions and let her grow. To take on challenges and allow her to fail. Have patience and have grace. This is what I owe her.

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