We go through seasons on what we have on currently on the television. I remembered when the Backyardigans was one of the most played cartoons during NickJr to the point that I was always catching myself singing the themes songs when I was alone. It becomes in-sync with your mind when you hear so much of it. At home, or even in the car while driving. But yet, those memories are important because it brought so much joy on a kids face. Now that my daughter is nine we have been hooked on Cartoon network shows. First it started with Teen Titans Go, then it progressed to The Amazing World of Gumball and now her favorite is Steven Universe. What we love about this cartoon is the positive messages it gives. She has her favorite characters in which are all named after gems. It got to the point that we actually visited a rock store here locally to find her characters in rock form. Another thing we are so in-love with is her love of singing. She is very shy and sometimes we need to bribe her or catch her when she's not looking to get some kind of recording but this time she did give me a chance to record one of her favorite songs. So I did something a little bit different when it came to background music. I wanted to record the things she loves at this moment and also remember her tiny voice before it fades when she get's older. 

Here she is singing "Here Comes A Thought"


Listen to the Original by Estelle

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