One day as I was talking to my husband about a commercial of a mom watching old videos of one of her children. I turned to my him somewhat sadden of the idea that I hardly have any videos filmed our family or better yet our little girl. My daughter has a bubbly personality. Her laugh is infectious, her voice is animated and yet I want to remember every single thing about her. So this year my goal is to perfect this intimidating task. I'm still learning the ropes, still learning the program, the lighting and the coloring. 

This year my goal was to collaborate with a few photographers in making this happen. I started this group for the push. I needed some accountability to keep shooting and keep improving. As a newcomer in video I'm learning my flaws and from the beginning learn what needs improving. Our goal is to shoot one sixty-second video of anything that inspires us each month. Might you think sixty seconds is easy right? Well, this first run was pretty tough. I wanted to use a whole lot of video, but to build a story in sixty seconds is a full challenge that I know this is going to give us the push we need. 

So here we are as we start our collaboration with amazing photographers. I know this will inspire more photographers to join in. 

First up is Kelly Haymes of Momma Got Soul Photos & Film
She's an amazing documentary photographer in Tampa, FL (yes I'm jealous of her location btw). Imagine all the stories she tells of families in this amazing location. She doesn't mind enjoying a good beer and spending time with her two amazing kids.

Next up is Nikki Gould of Olive Shoot Photography
I met Nikki last year and she just amazing. Nikki has a big heart and she puts so much into her sessions as well as her amazing family. She is a documentary photographer out in Houston, TX. Her images speak so much history and love. 

Next is Eboni Rivera of EboniRivera
A long Island native Eboni is an entrepreneur who puts so much heart and soul in her creativity and photography. When she's not sitting behind her desk, she is spending quality time with her two girls at home sipping wine and planning on what other ideas come to mind. She's a best friend but an inspiring photographer and business woman who knows how to work hard for her clients. 

Our next photographer is Rhea Bailey of Halona Photography
Based out of Oakland, CA her work has inspired me in her street photography as well as her family documentary work. She is currently working on perfecting her videography skills as we speak and I can't wait to see what art she creates. 

About the film: I shot this film at the Butterfly Center in the Houston Museum of Natural Science. As my daughter gets older her curiosity expands and becomes less fearful. She is learning the evolution from start to end, knowing how long a life cycle of a butterfly is. This is special to her and I as we can spend a long time here in such a serene place.


Please follow Kelly Haymes/Momma Got Soul Photos & Film to see her sixty-second video for January.