February was just one of these months that you just felt enclosed in a bubble. It was rainy and cold one day and hot/humid the next. I was dying inside to get out and do things we usually don't do. So each time we find a new place like Momentum I always carrying my camera to capture something. I'll be honest, I'm surprised I had enough footage to even build a video. I had to though, push myself to do something because this is my personal commitment for the year and really I want some motion to keep in our memories. Sixty minutes is tough. In my mind, I had a vision of what I planned to capture but I haven't fallen in love with it just yet, but as I imported my video and started to look for a song to match it kind of came together like a puzzle. So here is my small contribution to add to my collection. 


Please follow Kelly Haymes/Momma Got Soul Photos & Film to see her sixty-second video for February.