They have this bond and they don't even realize it. I turn around and Lilly (dog) is cuddling right next to her. Lei doesn't invite her, but Lilly knows it's the right thing to do. The right thing to do is make sure she's protected under her watch. See, Lei never was too close to her pups. I am more of the dog lover. It used to break my heart when Lei would fight with them or ignore them. Yet, something has changed since we got Lilly. Lilly was best buds with my late Great Dane. They protected each other. Inseparable to be exact. Once our gentle giant left us, Lilly needed to find someone else to develop a bond with. Moly our Dane always had that motherly instinct to protect Lei. Lei fought with her like an irritated sister, even though Moly only wanted to shadow Lei around. So I see how much Lilly has inherited from our gentle giant which gives me a sense of hope knowing she won't be alone in this world.