THE FUTURE | 366 | 80

Sometimes I tease her. I tease her to put her over my shoulder and burp her. I tease her with my baby talk. She can’t stand it. Yet I don’t care, I love the thought of going back in time. The times I would rock her to sleep under the air conditioner until her teething pain stopped. The times where she clapped measuring cups as instruments. Those times I miss because I know I can never get back. I document her daily, but I can’t hear the tone of her voice when she said mama or dada. The drooling during her cries. Yet, it brings sadness to me knowing how fast she’s growing. How soon one day, she will be graduating high school or walking through a college campus. Sad knowing someday she’ll be moving out into her own home with her new husband. Will she remember her lifetime with us, I really do hope so. I leave her with a legacy, knowing her life was magical. Hoping she could do the same for her future.