SISTERS | 366 | 38

It's rare when people visit. This weekend my niece was invited to spend a few days with us. Before it was great because she didn't seem much older to play with the little ones. Now I'm starting to realize how quick they are growing and how different they are from each other. There is no more child's play. No more delicate playtime. I still want them to be little from the outside and maybe the inside, but it's not. Soon she'll be a teenager and now the thought of her being Lei's babysitter is becoming a reality. She's hitting her teens and we always discussed how old she would be when Lei becomes five but never thought that far into the future. She told me the other day, "How cool would it be if Lei was her sister". I agree, Lei is special and loves the company of other kids especially because she is the only child. They are just different, but do love each other unconditionally.