KUNG FU PANDA | 366 | 36

I must say, I feel guilty for dozing off at the theater. We talked about watching this movie for some time now and we finally had the chance. I had a gut feeling there would be a chance that I wouldn't make it throughout the whole movie. As we got there early I scouted the area we were seated and it was perfect because it was pretty much empty. So while dim but somewhat lit I took my chance of taking a few shots before the movie started. Once I did, I wanted to get some side shots of her as well. In the theater you do have to play the roll of a ninja and not get caught with the camera by staff or not get caught of some crazy person staring straight at it. I managed to get everything I needed, but 15 minutes into the movie I was out cold. I kept getting nudge by the tiny person next to me waking me up in a frantic. Oh she got her warning, but later I found out it was all daddy's idea. Other than that, the movie was great and enjoyable. I guess I will only know once it hits on demand. At least I was able to spend our Friday together.