It's been a loooong six years. Soon in a few months this girl will be seven and of course, seven means time to pack up from my bedroom and move into her own. Ok, reality hasn't sunk in to this girl. So much to do, so much to toss. We pretty much have gone back and forth with this room. Let me tell you, I laid down new flooring, and painted with adorable nursery designs during my nesting stage in pregnancy, in hopes that she could enjoy it. It was the bees knees. Yet, she refused to get over her fears and enjoy it as her own. So of course like many parents have done is to create a space for their little ones to be nestled in the room. Well not anymore! So we started moving furniture. Bagging toys, which was bitter sweet and boxing clothes. Soon this newborn room will become a big girl room that can grow with her. So much potential in this room based on her desires and wants to make it a room to grow with her throughout years. Major goals and major over hauls are on the horizon. Now time to get some ideas from Houzz.