GONE 2015, HELLO 2016 | 366 | 01

2015 has been a year of unexpected occurrences. A roller coaster ride of ups and downs, personal and business wise. My journey has grown so much in photography, I don’t think I would even change it. As young business owners we go through so much figuring out who we need to be in order to grow in our business. 2015 was the year I changed my business from working in portraits to just documentary. They say it takes five years to grow a photography business and become established, but I was insanely naive. I wanted to cross that barrier in three years, but who was I kidding? I still haven’t bloomed into the photographer I really wanted to be. I still haven’t figured what I wanted to do. As I got more into 2015 I took classes, I learned so much and I became brave in sharing my work. People see who I become and remember my photography based on my style. I have met so many amazing photographers who I get inspired by each day, and I’ve become someone who has a voice to inspire anyone who crosses my path. I’m amazed to be part of a growing community of documentary photographers. I’m amazed to have crossed paths with amazing people along the way to document their love and stories. Even though documentary is still relatively new, it’s growing and people are learning about it. That is what fills my heart, knowing I can make a difference for someone. 

So as 2015 comes into a conclusion, I wanted to say Thank you for the inspiration, the motivation and the love. CHEERS!!