AM I READY? | 366 | 37

The BIG SEVEN is around the corner. Well not exactly, she still has a few months left. When did she get this big? She still has the tiny figure of a pre-schooler, unless that's what I want to think. But hey, still the second smallest in her first grade class. The point is, where has this time gone? The other night she told me she hated me?? What!! I know I should be hurt about it, but it's more of an experiment towards her and myself. It's growing pains, and as much as I wanted to just pull her to a dark corner she was force to hide in the the room. I know her vocabulary is evolving and she's learning pull emotions with words. I am somewhat to blame, because she saw me grabbing my camera and she felt embarrassed. I get it, I need to learn boundaries and she made me aware of it and spoke about it. We are best friends, heck we are pretty much inseparable. I talk to her as much as I can to protect the little girl that she is. She knows it and she realizes what she does wrong. The night she told me this awful word, I considered it her yearly tantrum. She just exploded because Perler Beads decided to make a mini version of their original size. I just knew the frustration that would be coming with this set. Though I wasn't expecting it so soon that her feelings just exploded. I say yearly because it doesn't happen to often. Maybe it's the transition from a six to a seven year old. Am I prepared? I think so, I enjoy seeing this little person into a big girl. However, even though I say I'm prepared I'm screaming from the insides. No one is ever prepared. The talk about boys is coming too often, even though it's not happening. It's still something hard to swallow. I guess time will tell when the day actually happens. Until then I will just keep capturing the six year old that I see in my eyes and hold that mental thought for awhile.