I’ve finally admitted to myself that taking on more than I can chew just isn’t right for me. The first step was hard acknowledging that I possibly could fail at such a simple project. A project that many other photographers do and actually finish at the end of each year. I tried so hard to jump back on the saddle year after year, but why? Why is doing a 365 so important? Why must we document our lives or our love ones daily? It’s simple, because it’s that important. But, how important is the full commitment? For me, I thought committing to this project was a huge accomplishment. As creatives we encounter much disappointments and disbeliefs. We want everything to be 100% perfect. We don't like to quit in the middle of our creative flows. Yet, you come to realize it's time to sit back and let it go. I made it to the fifth month this year and that is huge but I realized it isn’t for me. The thought of failing in any way, shape or form of having that huge guilt wasn’t going to happen.

Now, you are probably thinking, but why? Shouldn't it be simple enough to commit yourself taking one shot a day? Of course, it's that easy. I'm a photographer after all, right? Yes, you make a damn good valid point, but here is the kicker. I'm a perfectionist. Each day I take a shot, each night I edit. What happens if I fall behind? What if my life has taken over for those days and I can’t shoot or edit or even share. Should I feel guilty after that? Heck no! Well at least not anymore. 

As I chat with other photographers the feelings are mutual. To take on another personal project at this level just isn’t worth the fuss. What will happen to all those images I've already taken? What about the remainder of the year? Well, that doesn’t mean I still can’t meet my goal to print a yearly album. I still shoot but according to my time and plans. I still might have more images than what was required for this 365 project, but I’m doing it according to my time and what I can fit in. My child will always look the same and I will be there documenting her shenanigans but because I want to. Nothing will be missed, a year won't be wasted because it's based on my time and needs. It's something to remember always. Doing what is right is something no one should feel guilty for.

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