You wake up each morning not realizing what your mornings would bring. My daily life is wake up, get the little one dressed, eat breakfast and go, and we go FAST because we rush so much each day. But I never stop to think, what if life was any different. What if there were hurdles that change what your daily mornings are. You are struck with the inevitable. You are struck with something that will change your life for as long as you could think ahead. How can you adjust to this change of life when you aren't really expecting it or prepared. 

Emily Mcclure of Emily Megan Photography contacted me in early October looking for someone local here in Houston. She wrote a story on how this arrangement came about which you can read right here. A family was looking for a photographer to document their adorable son. When I heard their story I was just in a state of sadness. I just couldn't imagine what the Heslops had to endure. CANCER is a tough thing to deal with; a word no one wants to talk about. But it is reality, it's the reality you don't want anyone to go through. As spectacular on how four photographers teamed up to give a family such a special gift, it was still difficult to process. After hearing about their journey I knew I needed to do something for them. Within a week I talked to them over email and scheduled to meet them at the zoo first thing. Mind you, this was the first time meeting them. As I arrived I greeted them and also little Creighton. I wasn't sure what to expect, but he was a happy little boy. Tired of course because it was early morning, but also going through treatment wore him out. Yet he never complained, except during medication time. For me it was hard to see because I never enjoying seeing a little kid cry, but it wasn't really a cry but a whimper. I watched him all day, watch his parents and saw the strength in them. Saw that no matter what, they wanted their little boy to experience life. As a person with family who have experienced the same thing, I can see why they wanted this for him. I enjoyed watching his curiosity. It was a gift they have given me to be the first to see him experience the animals for the first time. Even though he didn't speak too much, his actions spoke louder than words. He pointed at everything. My thoughts, he enjoyed the elephants and giraffes more. Yet he enjoyed life at that moment. Just to give him that little glimpse of the world really made a difference. So to be able to document the little steps he took on his adventure was the greatest gift to me.

I had to the pleasure of meeting an incredible and strong family. As I continue to pray for this family as Little Creighton left this world, his spirit and images are here to remember such an incredible and strong little boy. He built a community of people to come into one place to pray and follow his journeys as he full fills his bucket list. I for one am lucky to be within that list of photographers to document it. So as a gift, I leave you with a small token of my gratitude. You have united strangers together which is pretty amazing. May you rest in peace Little Creighton. 

As I created this video it really gave me a sense of sadness. Because I was able to spend an incredible day with the Heslops, I remembered exactly how the day evolved and how much joy everyone had. I hope this video brings a smile to you knowing that Little Creighton is smiling back as us.