It's Tuesday and it's been a hectic few weeks. In combinations of birthday parties, floods and deadlines there comes a time when you just need to sit back and just take it all in real slowly. No pity parties here though, it's just real life and all we can do is move forward looking at the brighter picture.

So here are a few things that keep me motivated. We all need a little pick me up and here are my favorite things for this portion of my Tuesday's.


Here my friend Tracy gifted me this amazing photo of the LA skyline when she visited it California recently her work here. I did an photo edit for her and as a thank you she let me pick out one of her prints. I of course picked this one because it brings back memories. I took it to the frame shop and found this elegant glass frame on sale which worked perfectly. This image has an elegant feel and I felt that it was fitting to put a classy touch around it. 


One thing I just love collecting are blankets. I've been on a hunt searching for Mexican blankets. We visited the local swap meet and found these awesome new colors to brighten my decor. 


Amazingly these have lasted me since December. Such an easy plant to keep alive. I love the low maintenance. As soon as the office is put together I'm hoping to get creative placing them in a new location. 


I grew up listening to music all my life. My dad has been collecting LPs for years. Just recently I took a picture of his Debbie Gibson LP. So now I've started a collection of my own. I was in luck finding the only vendor at our local swap meet who sells Vinyl LPs. First thing he said was "Anything that is not a dollar is half price". Perfect! We ended up scoring 4 classics for under $30, all in perfect condition. So our plan now is to take a trip every Saturday morning and rummage through his collections. 


What can I say if there isn't any rain or floods here in Houston we have some beautiful sunsets. 

I'm really loving this collection I put together. I'm also noticing a pattern with it. I mostly gravitate towards West Coast feel. Colors, textures and patterns are a big deal for me, which is how I decorate my house. So here you go, some things that really get me going. What's your favorite collections?