It's been about three years since stepping onto a soccer field. Deciding to hold off during her Kindergarten year was difficult, but I felt it was the best decision. Going from two days in school to full time showed how much activity she could handle in one day. It felt like guilt or even a failure as a parent for allowing her to miss out on these events, but it wasn't. It was a an change for the both of us. It was a learning curve getting to know her wants and needs.

As parents we want everything for her, we want the best. Sometimes it just doesn't work that way, but it doesn't mean you failed them. They'll appreciate that you listened to their actions. So when the time came we knew she was ready to start up again. I enrolled her at the YMCA in Houston. She's has grown a lot in the three years. She speaks in a proud way repeating herself that it's okay to get hurt and to be tough. It's a process of learning new things here and there as she moves into another year. 


There comes a time when tantrums do happen. These stages take longer to outgrow even as they get older. So many emotions can happen when you when you least expect it. As the day ended meltdown began. What do you say to your child in front of strangers? How do you handle it? I never show that I lost all control. I stayed firm and kept my ground. Kids for some reason never seem to be at fault for what they did wrong. I want her to realize and remember what the type of behavior it was so she wrote them down. Should I feel guilty? Nah! As a parent never feel ashamed in these situations. Never worry about what others think because families do go through obstacles like these. It's a learning experience for the both of us and we overcome it one way or another. Just a typical day well documented.


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