The day is done. They say goodnight. And somebody turns out the light.
— Going to Bed book by Sandra Boynton

I promised to take her one day before the summer ends to go rock climbing at Texas Rock Gym here in Houston. She's done it before at our local mall at Katy Mills but nothing this extreme. She challenges her capabilities which I'm very amazed by. One day as I was browsing through youtube and I came upon this video about an 11 year old who has taken rock climbing as a sport. As inspired as i was, I knew this would inspire her as well. As challenges became failures there were also accomplishments. Accomplishments to know this is something she's great at. Something I know we will be back to try again. There were falls, bumps and cries but nothing looked more prouder than exhaustion. To me exhaustion means finishing something. Something she thought was beyond her abilities and that is something to be proud of.


"The Day is done. They say Goodnight. And somebody turns out the light".

Our day was filled with a new adventure, but with new adventures comes rest. Rest and dreams of what we accomplished until a new day comes. This is what bedtime feels like. 


Our blog circle is called Personal photojournalism: Capturing real, unscripted moments of our families. This is my 2nd contribution of my blog circle projects. I joined this group of 11 ladies because often times I shy away from the camera only to hide behind it. As my daughter gets older, finding these memories of myself would be challenging. This is not a legacy I want to leave my children. Just having images of our adventures together is what I live for. 

So every 1st of each month there is a new post that I will be contributing to the Personal photojournalism's blog circle.
Next up is Liz DeGroff | Adventures Of A Momtographer. Please head over to her blog to check out her contribution for this month.


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