It was a beautiful day at Hermann Park here in Houston. I made it a mission to try out my new Fuji at the kite festival. I missed it last year for unknown reasons, but as soon as I heard of it starting up again I really wanted to check it out. Three hours later we reached the park and parking lot but we made it. Not what I was expecting. Regardless of the traffic and crowd it was pretty amazing. All kinds of people from around the city made it that day. It was fun seeing how kite flying brought out the child in adults. When I was younger, I spent hours at the park alone flying my kite as high as I could. I lost some as well, but I really enjoyed it. Even though there didn't seem to have much crowd control, everyone made an effort to try to fly theirs.

There was wind, but it lasted for a short time. I laughed when I heard kids screaming "there's wind!" Then you saw the sky flooded with kites.

Even Lei tried to attempt it. We succeeded to take it off the ground, but it didn't last long. Flying takes patience and hours of waiting. Even though our attempt that day wasn't a complete success, she gained a lot. First time flying with a new kite, now we know what to look for. 

We did enjoy that afternoon regardless of the crowds. It was a good experience to try out for the first time. Now would I come again to the kite festival? Doubtful, but I would enjoy the park again. It's a great environment when they're isn't much happening.

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