It is while you are patiently toiling at the little tasks of life that the meaning and shape of the great whole of life dawn on you.
— Phillips Brooks


Every day is a daily reminder on how important it is to keep life in order. How to organize a daily task and not overwhelm myself trying to put more effort than I usually can handle. But that's not me. I live an unpredictable life. Not because I have no control over it, but because I add more. A few years ago my daughter would ask me "How you know?" in a little 4 year old voice. That was always her question. Now that she's six part of me misses those small little conversations. My response would always be "Because I'm super mom!". As cliché as that may sound, but still 'til this day she still believes I some kind of Super mom. Yes this might sound a bit silly, but I want her to see me as a person who goes that extra step to reach my goals. My goals of being the mom she can look up to, the mom who works hard to give her the life she deserves and the mom who puts her family first before her own personal self. 

This 3rd installment in the group was tough for me to understand. There are so many interpretations of it. I've asked different people to give me their version of what it meant and each person had a different answer. But this is how I came to understand it. My daily tasks change all the time, nothing is ever the same. Between running my business, being a mom, a wife and a person who takes care of her family, I would not want to change it. I'm one who goes the extra mile and I feel accomplished. My daughter sees me as the person who she could become one day. This is what my life is about, a perfect reminder and the little task we will always remember.

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