As a parent of an only child I always question myself if I'm doing this right. Parenting isn't easy, at least for me it's not. But I always try my best to teach her in making the right decision that could one day help her. I've always been an independent person. Even as a child I was the first to sleep in my room alone while my siblings slept with my parents. I want her to learn that it's ok to do things without my help just as long as it doesn't harm her in any way. Though at the same time I want her to know I'm am at arms reach just in case she ever needs me. Raising her has been trial and error, but in my mind she's doing great. There will be obstacles for sure, but it's a process that I know will benefit the both of us. This girl is my life and my greatest accomplishment. So protecting her will always be something I'll be doing even from a distance. 

So I ask myself, when is the right time to add more responsibilities to a seven year old? How much can she handle? How much can I handle. What have I've gotten myself into? Am I ready to let her grow up just a tad bit? Maybe, but MAYBE NOT. 

So there you have it, my contribution for the month of May on my 5 on 5. Check out my homegirl Eboni of Luxe Art Images for her 5 on 5.