Summer break for us is time for reflecting what could of, should of and would of throughout the year. We get so caught up with events and school projects that time is slipping away at a fast rate. This summer I'm learning to put myself ahead for the first time. So many things I'm willing to learn that I know it would be most beneficial for my business. At the beginning before starting this documentary journey my ideas were to incorporate more cinematic style in my images. Now I can't say I'm an expert at this, but I seem to gravitate in this direction and I'm willing to take it to a new level. For me a shot feels like it belongs in a scene telling a story. As I continue contributing with my 5 on 5 I want to do it a little different than before. My crops are going to be different as well as my processing and composition. It's a very exciting venture for me because it really shows more of what my brand and style truly is. So there you go. Cheers! 


So here is my contribution for my June 5 on 5 circle. Next up is Danielle of Danielle Macinnes Photography, check out her fantastic contribution for this June of our 5 on 5.