My days have been short but busy to which I don't pay attention on what day of the week I'm on. With school coming to end and starting summer vacation, I have been putting myself on deadlines finishing up the schools yearbook and last minute photo shoots at school. 

So this day was a mistake, but they say good things happen for a reason. I again mixed up my dates and ended up at the skating rink to an empty birthday party. Good thing I checked the dates before walking in, because how silly could we have looked carrying presents to a party that didn’t exist. I gave her two options, stay and skate or go watch a movie. Of course we stayed. I was baffled when I walked in the first time. I've never been to a skating rink with rolling walkers at arms reach. Honestly, it looked a little silly because it reminded me of the movie WALL•E for some reason. I notice more kids falling with them than without, so I convinced her to try it for a bit without relying on the rollers. I always worry because she's an only child and not so privileged learning from older siblings. I’m very proud of her. She gains a lot from her falls and bruises. She gains her confidence, which is something I strive for her to do. She develops a rhythm of self control that helps her learn and catch on things quickly. She observes other children around her and mimics their actions. So I don’t have to worry because she is my only child. It makes her strong and independent. It makes me a stronger mother knowing she can be who ever she likes and I don't have to worry.

Next up on our June blog circle is Amanda of Crane Creek Photography. Please follow through to see what else our group came up with.