During our meeting we all got together to discuss our first participation of our blog circle. This month will be our first in the Katy group. So far we have 4 amazing photographers who all share one topic each month while our blogs rotates to the next. The theme we picked was FREEDOM. It was a perfect time because Independence Day came and gone. However, I had a different idea on how I wanted to describe FREEDOM. As a new business owner I discovered a style, a brand and the way I want to photograph amazing pictures. I felt liberated because I was making these choices.

Though it's not to say because I've gone full-time that the word freedom describes it perfectly well. No I don't have all the freedom to do as I want. But I do have the freedom to set my own rules, schedules and how I want to approach my business endeavors my way.  But with all this opportunity comes a lot on your plate as a business owner. Taxes, insurance, equipment, making time for family or making an income to support my family.

I was browsing through Facebook and I came upon this amazing post by Jasmine Star. As I read it instantly the word FREEDOM came to mind. What a better time for this wonderful post. Reading it felt like she was whispering in my ear. But what caught me was words to be thankful. Thankful that I can call myself a business owner. 

With all the stress a business can bring is also opportunities. Opportunities to grow. Grow as an independent woman, grow as a business owner and grow into my own brand. What we call FREEDOM gives us an inspiration to be part of. We all have sacrifices to succeed, but we gain so much respect to what we believe in. We are able to push forward our passions and accomplishments. This is what FREEDOM as a artist means to me.

These images were taken last year in Gulf Shores, Alabama when I knew I wanted to tell stories but didn't know how to approach it. It was the first time where I told myself "I can't do this!!" I haven't blogged them because I've stored them knowing one day I'll come across a post like this. This was the time I went full charged in what I needed to do to make these changes. I knew I wanted to include them in this round of my first blog circle so it was perfect. In two weeks I we will be taking our yearly vacation back in Alabama in hopes of visiting the beach again. So I can't wait to share some amazing images since I've starting my documentary journey.

Next up for the blog circle is Desi from Desi Magnuson Designs please check out what amazing images she's contributed for this month. 


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