It's been raining, cold and gloomy all day so we were beginning to develop a little bit of cabin fever. Here in Houston, you can never plan your day, so we do things spontaneously. We decided to go eat some homemade Ramen and take a trip out to Sam Houston Park during their annual light show. Without even considering how freakishly cold it was it didn't even matter at the moment. We just needed to get out. Now I could of captured more about our little adventure with the ooh's and ahh's looking at the lights. I didn't want my post to be just about this. So I know this is a little different and the focus isn't all about family; my family.

As I get a little in depth with documentary I look at the people around me. One thing I try to focus on is capturing special qualities of a person. I just adore anything homemade, and this young fellow had impressive skills. Of course when I saw his artwork I had to ask questions and learn more about his amazing art. He's like a painter without the brush, a master skilled to outline the features of a person with his tools. No drawing by hand, just visualizing and remembering what was outlining her face. I was really impressed, especially at the end. You can tell with the details how perfectly it looked like her. He smiled the whole time while cutting out the silhouette. I guess he was laughing at me from the inside because I wanted to document his process, but now I have something unique that reminds me of her.

Next up is Beth of B. Claire. Check out her work, because each month is something impressively adorable. 

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