I often get asked what style photography I shoot and my response is always documentary. I'm not a portrait photographer, I occasionally do weddings (when asked) and I'm not a studio photographer. I often leave people dumbfounded with curiosity. I shoot for those who want to remember what is happening in their life at that moment. I used to shy away from inviting people in. I hid from the world. But my reality lately has been a chaos of time. Time slipping away as quickly as possible. Always having that concern of judgement, I ignored what's in front of me. Life, my life. My life at that moment. As a parent I over commit myself. Between school functions, games or yearbook editor on top of running a business I pull myself in different directions. Currently I'm ok with that. I know what needs to happen or what will happen in a month. With school over and having downtime with no commitments I find what is right for me to keep moving forward. Now currently my chaos is at home. When did I become so cluttered in my surroundings. See the clutter, it clutters my judgement. Now I have an amazing three bedroom home, not old but definitely not new. When we first moved in, we hardly had anything to fill our rooms. To be honest, I don't even recall owning the stuff we do now. With a seven year old, learning what a chore is and how busy these last few months have been, I'm going crazy. I'm ok with that. At the end of the day, the dishes are clean and put away. We start over the next day, we start over our daily lives.

So when someone ask me what I photograph, I say documentary. I document the lives of a busy family or an organized family. I photograph the person who is in front of me, who isn't afraid to let someone into their lives. When will be the right time for you? Will it wait until you buy a new home with nothing in it. Will you wait until you have renovated or hired a maid. When your kids have grown, moved out and you are living a clutter free life. The best answer could be WHEN IT'S NOT TOO LATE.

This is how I want to remember my life. To look back at time and know why life was like at this moment. 

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