People tell me I have baby fever. How can you not being around tiny newborns. While I was on the phone with a friend we chatted about her daughters pregnancy and when was the due date. I presented the idea of doing a fresh 48 for them. I remember when I had my daughter seven years ago I didn't have the chance to hire a photographer and a fresh 48 really wasn't something offered. When I left the hospital I had low light, low quality cell phone photos. I reached out because capturing these moments is very important especially for new parents. I met with them the day after her scheduled c-section and as soon as I walked in it felt like home. Greeted by mama and papa while holding the baby, you could tell right away how much in love they were of their new baby girl. She was so full of rich black hair and her outfit brighten the color of her skin, she was glowing. She was just precious. Big sister wasn't there at the time, but I'm sure she is just as excited. So we spent some time chatting and getting to know each other since it was the first time meeting. As soon as they learned what I was looking for, it all became natural to them. I happy I was able to capture them as a family. It was an amazing experience that I really enjoyed. Congratulations you two on your newest addition. She is beautiful.