In the past our visit to the dentist office was hell. She was young and loud and it made most of the dental assistants nervous to come anywhere near her mouth. I decided to wait a few years until she was comfortable enough to try it again. This time was for a good reason. For most of her six years she managed to keep all her teeth cozy in one place. There was no sign of any loose one's and we discovered a newly addition growing in the back of her baby tooth. So as any mom would do, I made the appointment to get it check. So far so good, she was excited to visit a child like dentistry. I think I was more excited to know there were cartoons playing in each room. So far the tech's did a great job keeping her at ease for the most part. She was a little nervous but didn't whimper at the thought of opening her mouth wide enough for x-rays. It took a bit of getting used to but we pulled through. As soon as we were done, we managed to catch some flicks on the TV. I believe Lei picked out A Cloudy Chance of Meatballs. The tech cleaned her mouth but soon Lei spit out what was giving to her. Peppermint is an acquired taste for her. We chatted with the doctor on what happens next and of course she suggested we extract both bottom teeth to allow the new one to move forward. Of course it isn't something I was happy to hear, knowing she will be facing some crowding in her tiny mouth. For me it isn't a decision to rush right away. The thought of knowing that her cute little smile will soon become the home of little chiclets is ok for now. Until next time, we'll see what sort of surprise we get. 

As we are getting back to our little blog circle I now pass this off to Liz of Four Dots Photography