Laura is very special to me. Her vibes and attitude about photography is like no other. She has a passion that fuels others to become better at their craft. She’s a hard working woman, a mother of two with a drive like no other. and she also owns Laura Chiles Photographer. When I met Laura the first day of a photo safari I wasn’t sure what to expect. She was the first one to introduce herself with a huge smile on her face and a huge hug as a bonus. She was intrigue to meet me, because like before I always stayed hidden behind the camera and my computer. I was a newbie in the group. I was a baby in the photography world and business world. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was willing to step out of my comfort zone. Now don’t get me wrong I left the house but not with my camera. I didn’t at the time have that drive to stay inspired. I took sessions where ever I could get them, and that was my excuse to hold a camera in my hands. Boy I was so wrong. You have to keep shooting and shooting at anything you find inspiring. She taught me to stay motivated, to look at things differently. See, like I mention before she is a hard working passionate photographer. She manages a group on Facebook called Katy Area Professional Photographers that I was actually was added by coincidence by another photographer friend. I still kept my distance to where it took me awhile to open up, ask questions and share my images. But I loved the responses I got from everyone when I did, it showed me that I was going somewhere even though I wasn’t to sure what it was. The photo safari was another game changer. I only went to one but It was very inspiring, because it taught me to not be afraid or ashamed to pull my camera out. 

So now that we have become good friends, it was during my transition period in my photography. I was going through rebuilding, changing up my website, updating my logo and changing up my portfolio. I went from posting everything from weddings to portraits to now focusing on Lifestyle photography and A DAY IN THE LIFE. She was already a cheerleader in the direction I was heading, but she really helped me add more to my portfolio. When I approached her about doing a lifestyle session, it couldn’t have come at a better time. Since the holidays was just around the corner, we discussed on how I would be shooting, my style and my vision. She came up with the idea of christmas tree hunting and coming to her home to capture her and the boys doing what they did best. We met at the tree farm late in the evening, but it was perfect because there was still some light left from the day. The trees and lights gave it a festive feel while chasing the boys through the isles. They had a lot of fun, my goal was to let them do what they want. What made them feel happy was chasing each other around and playing hide and seek. Now, of course being a photographers kid they both were used to being in front of the camera so it helped a lot to take on direction. I didn’t want to force them with uncomfortable poses that most kids don’t really care for. After the tree farm I followed them to their home and to do a session decorating the tree and building a gingerbread house. Now see that was the plan Laura and I talked about, but hey these are boys we are talking about not going to happen. She fed me because that’s what a good friend does. After dinner the boys disappeared. Being home you just can’t keep boys grounded especially when they have toys at reach. Now remember the goal was to build the gingerbread house as a family, but we all know Laura really wanted to build it by herself or at least that is what the boys thought. 

After the day was ending it  was an overall it was great experience, because this is my building stages for A DAY IN THE LIFE. This really has pushed me on how far I can work my camera and capabilities. She has helped me figure out that this is what I want to do as far as photography goes. I love seeing the connection with each other and how comfortable they are of me as I am to them. Good things are coming this way for 2015, and I expect to be photographing this family in the near future as though they really were a lot of fun.