Jackie and Bryan came to me with open minds. We met up at Discovery Green here in downtown Houston finding places we can squeeze in because it was so heavenly populated on such a beautiful day. Who would want to stay home, especially when we’ve been having rain without any type of breaks recently. It was funny because we joked how they were going to work hard for their engagement session, but they made me work even harder. I wanted to give them something special to keep with them. We had to think outside the box because of our limited space we shared with other city folks. I was ok with strangers being in my images because it showed how comfortable they were in front of the camera which was my main focus in lifestyle photography. Also seeing different patterns and colors from the other folks gave the images a reason  to talk about them. We pretty much stayed within the parks limit even though it seemed like we drove outside of it to get a different scenery. So it was a long day, but so well worth it. I wanted to share with you some of my favorite images from that weekend before their big day tomorrow. Aren’t they gorgeous? The patterns she picked out as her outfit really gave the images some flair. I cannot express at how perfect they are. A huge high five for these two, because they probably didn’t expect to work this hard. Really they didn’t need too, because it just all came naturally to them. 

Learn more about their connection below..

Their perfect love story..

Describe the time you two met? Time, place and how?
Bryan and I both played softball at Big League Dreams in League City. We had a mutual friend that played on the coed team that I did. He and his dad would sit and watch our team play. One night he said to his dad, "I'm going to date that girl." One night he asked for my number so I entered it into his phone, not knowing I put too may numbers. I saw him the following week and said, "Thanks for calling" (sarcastically of course). Then he let me know that I had given him the wrong number (he thought I did it on purpose). Not long after I needed a date for my company Christmas party. I asked Bryan to be my date. He picked me up from my house and we continued on to the company party. We had a blast hanging out together all night. After that night we couldn't keep away from each other.

How did you know it was meant to be? Give us a small story.
We knew that it was meant to be by the great times we always spent with each other and how our families loved each one of us as a whole.

For the GROOM: What do you love most about her?
What I love most is her heart of gold and smile that has melted my heart since day one and will until the last day.

For the BRIDE: What do you love most about him?
I love the way he is so compassionate, tender and SUPER funny. He can make me laugh at any moment.

Describe the chemistry between you two.
We are goofy at all moments in the day, even when trying to be romantic. Laughter is what keeps our relationship young.

Describe your idea of a perfect date.
We are both simple. We always love to go eat Mexican food and have margaritas.

Who is more romantic? Explain?
Jackie is more romantic. On any day good or bad she knows the right words to say and right food to cook to make my heart feel better.

Share your hobbies together.
Softball is the one hobby that we share. Bryan likes to hunt, not I. I still go along because of the outdoors and I get to make a fire!

Give us a small story of your proposal.
It was very sweet. Bryan knew that he wanted to propose so he went to look at rings. The ring was available the same day! He came home soon after because we had friends coming over for dinner. As I was moving a few things around he asked me to drop what I was doing (I had a suspicion what was coming). He had to ask immediately when he got home because the ring was just burning a hole in his pocket.

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