Bernie and Martin are one adorable couple. They were up for anything, and love the idea of doing a lifestyle shoot for them. See this was the first time meeting with Martin and I spoke to him for a bit to get a little insight about their relationship. I wanted to know more about their personalities and he knew what he had to do to make her smile and laugh. As a lifestyle photographer, I really try to allow the couple to do their thing. Every now and then I do direct them but Martin did a really great job making her feel comfortable. You can tell by the images how much he loves her.  He took charge. He made her feel so loved in a way that she got out of her comfort zone throughout the session. We met up at Menil Park in the museum district in Houston, TX. This was the first time visiting this park and I heard really great things about this location. This park was very important to them. He proposed to her here even though the tree that was once there was gone. But they knew this is where it had to be, and I don’t blame them. The park was gorgeous, with awesome art sculptures throughout the areas in the neighborhood. To be honest, I’m a little jealous of the folks who live here. To be able to walk through the streets to see beautiful and unique art is someones dream to live near. So it was perfect, the location, day and time was just perfect.

Check out their love story below and how everything came together in their relationship and engagement. 


Describe the time you two met? Time, place and how?
Martin and I go way back... before we even realized it. He went to school with my younger brothers, partied with them, worked with one and eventually became roommate with the other... All the time I did not notice him... but he had noticed me. In late 2007 I was over at my mom's apt hanging out with one of my brothers, playing a drinking game to "The Big Lebowski".. and that is when I noticed him.

How did you know it was meant to be? Give us a small story.
Ummmmm... no small story... a little scandalous ... short version... we could not stay away from each other.. and then he knocked me up purposely

For the GROOM: What do you love most about her?
Life with her is always an adventure ... and she brought me closer God

For the BRIDE: What do you love most about him?
His childishness that keeps me laughing... and he keeps me grounded (in the best way)

Describe the chemistry between you two.
Best of friends... water and oil when we fight... (we used to have a fiery sexual passion... before the little one).. the odd couple a times

Describe your idea of a perfect date.
No rules... no itineraries... hanging out... lounging on the couch... on the go exploring... fine dining... eating junk food... just him and me... lots of Laughter

Who is more romantic? Explain?
He is.. where we both think of each other just as often.. he expresses it more often then I do.. Notes.. little gestures... I go big with gifts.. he puts more thought into them.

Give us a small story of your proposal.
For Valentines I took her to go see the play Wonderland... after the show I took her to one of her favorite diners, Katz's, where she ate rice pudding and fried pickles. After we ate I drove to Menil park were we had our first date, opened a bottle of champagne and proposed(by asking her to continuing sharing adventures and our lives together) at the same time some random guys in the park started to play a love song by coincidence... when I asked her she said OH MY GOD YOU WENT TO JAREDS and said yes.