I really appreciate this girl. I’ve known Gaby for some time now. We worked together when I was doing graphic design and we just clicked. We have the same goals and ambitions when it comes to business. Our lives have become pretty busy throughout the years. Her family grew and mine as well. We decided to do our own thing with our business, but we still stayed friends despite our different lifestyles and how busy we got. When I started photography it was the same time Gaby started too. So she has been with me since the beginning building and figuring out what’s next. She allowed me test shoot her family so many times with a lot of trial and errors that I'm surprise they haven't gotten tired of me yet. One time she mention to me when a session didn’t go as I wanted, “It’s ok, you are improving your craft”. I thought to myself “How much patience can one person get?” but she was ok with it. She stuck and saw how much I’ve grown from the beginning to where I am now. 

I was able to spend a morning with Gaby and her family. They just recently moved in their beautiful home and asked if I could come in and take a few portrait pictures for their christmas cards. I figured this would be a great time to get some really good lifestyle photos of them while interacting in their new home. I explained to them how much time I would love to spend with them. It can be some what nerve wrecking bringing someone in from the outside only because you are so used to your own routine. However, she was really interested in what A DAY IN THE LIFE session really involves and went with it. I spent a few hours playing with the kids and also having some lunch with them. Her husband cooked this really awesome breakfast. After I followed the little man around because the stairs is what really kept catching his attention. I really enjoyed doing this session for them. I’m pretty sure the kids were wondering who this weirdo was observing them but they warmed up. What I enjoy about these sessions is that the clients really don’t know what to expect. My goal is to tell a story with their images on what their day is like. So with their surprise their images came in sync at what went on during that time.