This was a busy weekend for all of us. With the new movie "The Book of Life" opening on the weekend, we wanted to have fun and play the part for those two days. First day, we decided to paint her face with partial makeup. Mind you she never liked any type of face paint. But now as a 5 year old things have changed. She is growing up fast and so much is started to be noticed with her personality. I love it because I'm seeing growth, but then I'm hating it because she's not that little girl who feared everything. She's taking challenges that you wouldn't imagine, that I wouldn't imagine! Yes she still depends on me for a lot of things, but how long will this last. She's learning new things in her new school, that has taking me to a whole new level. Is this what parenting feels like? I really hope not! I'm ok with change, for now I really want to cherish these moments like as a family. Cherish them before friends start tagging along, or cherish them before she starts to venture out with other families. One day she will look at these and think, I was truly silly for this but also appreciate everything we document.

But enough of my sob story because I really didn't make this post about me lol which it does sound like it. We planned this session for awhile now. Since she first watched the trailer for "The Book of Life" she couldn't stop. I thought she would be scared of all the hoodoo and voodoo of the movie, but she loved it. The colors and the dialogue is what really got her. We decided to take this session downtown Houston on a Sunday. At first we thought Sunday would be great. Normally not much traffic or action really is happening, but we happen to come in the middle of the city scavenger hunt. I'm glad I asked one of the runners what was going on, because I will definitely be joining next year. This is perfect for a photographer to go on a photo walk. We picked the city because of its textures and urban like feel. This is one of my favorite places to shoot. Not every image are the same. The backdrops change so much because of angles and lighting. I love it! We walked around and found spots that I figured would be great to capture. Now mind you five year olds do not like to be forced to pose the way you want them to pose. You have to be unobtrusive to their surroundings. Make yourself unnoticeable and capture at the right moment. This is what I did the whole session. I wanted to capture her true personality. Because true personality is what brings the beauty out into an image.

After awhile of walking throughout the city, we stopped at Franks pizza off of Travis Street. This place is truly amazing. It's small but busy all the time. The building has this old charm to it, which really makes it special. If you are looking for that small mom and pop place, this place is a gem to try when you are in the city. 

After our meal we walked a little more and made it to the metro line. I'm truly amazed how the images came out at this part of the city. We learned a lot and we really enjoyed what we saw. One thing I learned is to never fear new surroundings. It is the city, but you can really get a sense of walking around meeting new people and locations. 

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