I've known Ceili since we were in 3rd grade. We played softball at the same playground and we both knew the same people. As we got older we drifted in separate directions, going to different schools and living in different states. We crossed paths again years ago and I found out that my sister actually married her cousin. Wow, it's a small world huh! Flash forward another few years and our families have expanded. Now we both live in the same state and neighboring cities. When I found out about Ceili's engagement I was really happy for her. Engagements are all about finding your soulmate and learning to live the rest of our lives with them right? She approached me about possibly having me as her wedding photographer. Of course I jumped on it! I was honored that they thought of me to shoot their photos. I LOVED the idea of a 1920-1930's theme. That era was such an exciting and beautiful time period. I cannot wait until the wedding to see how it all comes together.

Congratulations Ceili & Justin! I wish you both all the happiness!


I love how they incorporated the things they love and do together in this session. I wish you two a happy future together.

I was pleased that they both allowed me to share their perfect love story. Enjoy!


Describe the time you two met?

We meet during college in 1999, while Justin was playing baseball and I was running track for the University of New Orleans.

How did you know it was meant to be?

In 2010, our paths crossed once again. This time on the softball fields of LaSalle Playground in Metairie, La. We became friends again and it did not take long for us to realize we both had found our soul mate and best friend.

Describe the chemistry between you two?

We can finish each other’s sentence. We often know what the other is thinking. And we unconditionally love each other with all of our hearts.

Describe your idea of a perfect date.

Most of the time our perfect kind of dates include very entertaining activities like playing golf together or zip lining in Belize. We like to stay active and find ourselves including fun activities as dates!

Who is more romantic?

We are both pretty terrible at being romantic, most likely because we spend more time making each other laugh. But if I had to choose one, I would choose Justin. He has such a kind heart which brings out the romantic side of him at times.

Share your hobbies together.

We both love sports, so naturally we spend most of our time playing softball, golf, and riding bikes.

Share  your proposal.

Justin thought long and hard about the perfect proposal scenario. He just wanted everything to be perfect; well this perfect plan was ever evolving! So finally, one Sunday night after a great day he decided this was the night. So as I cooked us dinner, Justin was uncharacteristically missing from the scene. At this time, he was strategically placing the ring in our room using lighting shining off of the diamond to emit a star like scene onto the ceiling. It was a very personal moment, just us two.

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