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You are probably wondering what a day in the life is?

We all know life is full of emotions and we are always on the go non-stop. Folks believe that in order to function throughout the day everything has to be pre-planned to make it work. What happens when things go in opposite directions and out of sync? Everything begins to break down. Life is too short to stress over the fuss.

Planning your DITL is very simple. Capture the life the way you want to remember it by.

When you are looking at timeless albums what you are seeing are un-staged authentic memories captured in real time. You see HISTORY! You get that feeling of remembering a childhood. Remembering the stories of an unpredicted experience. 

A DITL (Day in the life) is capturing your story throughout the day. Capturing the personalities happening at that very moment. Nothing is posed or directed. Just real life actions. I'm there to document all your boo boo's and falls. The laughs and emotions. Remembering the day you want captured. 

These are the images that I want to capture for you. the images that evoke your life.

Being yourself is natural and genuine.


So you are probably wondering how these sessions are set-up. EASY!!

just BE YOURSELF!! the awkward posing is never enforced.. BE WILD, FREE I just want you to enjoy! 

There didn't I say it was easy! If you enjoy the outdoors and love to hike then plan your day around that. If you all enjoy BBQ'ing and swimming or working in your own garden perfect. Kids have meltdowns and do what kids do best, sporadic things. Just let them be kids the way you were allowed to be a kid. Do what makes your family happy. We get so caught up with life, we don't usually sit down or think how amazing our day went. 

But... But I really love this idea, but I can't afford it.

Photography can be an investment. I totally get that and I truly understand. You take snap shots of what you think would make good memories. But how many times have you really invested in being in front the lens? I'm not talking about selfies. I'm talking about capturing true personalities. You may take hundreds of pictures of your family and friends but do you ever think, wow maybe from another perspective it would be AH-MAZING! 

I want memories to be as important to you as it is to me by offering payment plans on my sessions. This is for anyone who feels that photographs are just as important as any other investment you make for your family. 

prices start at $679

Each session comes with a hard cover photo book with the best images from the session selected and edited
Watermarked web size images for all your sharing needs delivered via online
Please Note: Prints, canvases, additional albums or full resolution digital images available a-la cart.

I travel 25 miles within the Houston area at no additional charge. All other travel locations outside of Houston and New Orleans will be charged an additional fee.
Final price will include and additional 8.25% TX tax. 



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