Photos by: Nikki Gould


About me: I'm Jess. not only am I a photographer, I'm a graphic designer. I'm a lover of noodles and chili cheese fries. I grew up eating crawfish and beignets in New Orleans, later moving across the country, living near the beaches and mountains of SoCal. I'm now residing minutes outside of Houston, sharing a roof with my husband & crazy talented daughter. Let's not forget the love of my furry tribe my (5) dogs, (2) cats and my (2) tiny gerbils. 

Music and Art were my childhood influences growing up. I listened to David Bowie and danced to M.C. Hammer. However, my passion was in sketching. My dream was to work for Disney as an illustrator and 2D designer, but then my creativity took me down a different path. In college I discovered editorial and advertising landing a job as a graphic designer for about 15 years. During my journey, my love for photography grew.

Disposable film cameras were my favorite to use. Each time I developed a film I never knew what to expect. I always remember waiting anxiously for that call that my film was ready for pickup. With each picture being a surprise, some good and some terribly bad, I knew I had a story connected to each of them.

My photography: I've become a documentary photographer because I want capture lives evolving in-front of my lens. Real life is not pausing emotions, it's seizing moments happing in real time. 

I'm not a traditional nor lifestyle photographer, I'm aiming for the in-between moments, the more natural moments of every day life. I'm not here to pose nor set the environment. It's as real as it gets. No scripts nor directions, just capturing what truly matters to you.

What I'm shooting these days: To be a better storyteller I mix in everything. My passion grew into photographing strangers. Street photography has always been a hidden passion of mine. When I'm out in the streets I never know what to expect. But it's that mystery of building a story into one single photograph. 

When I photograph weddings, I incorporate the same process as I do street photography. Each person has a story attached to them. It's my duty to build a story based on my observations.